Deep Roots

TSO was sparked by my third child's entrepreneurial spirit. It was a promise to her that set the wheels in motion for the Storied Oak. Our journey began with our hand-poured candles, room & linen sprays, and artisan-crafted jewelry. You can catch us at the local markets in town and often, you'll find us riding our two mares at the barn.

The history behind "The Storied Oak" is as unique as our journey. It all began with an oak tree, now firmly rooted in our backyard. As we constructed our home, I was carrying our first child, and I'd use the space between studs to measure my growing belly. On October 6, we landscaped our empty lot and planted several trees, with my husband's favorite being the oak tree at the heart of our backyard. It was that night when I went into labor with our oldest son.

As the years have passed, I've watched those trees flourish in our backyard, just as our children have grown. Every day is a celebration, and we create cherished family memories while our roots run deeper. "Storied Oak" is more than a name; it's a symbol of our journey and the memories we've cultivated as a family.


(Our very humble beginnings at our first farmers market in May 2023 )

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